SmartLivingPlat aims to become the benchmark Technological Platform in Spain in the home automation, building automation and smart cities sector.

Directed by the industry, it aims to promote research, development and innovation, as well as the convergence of the entire value chain of the sector in order to develop the emerging business sector.

SmartLivingPlat seeks to bring together the main Spanish organizations working in the area of ​​home automation, building automation and smart cities, with the aim of ensuring that all stakeholders share a common vision and develop the strategic research agenda, in order to accelerate the innovative development of the sector in a harmonized and fruitful way and place the sector at the forefront worldwide.


Who can be a member of SmartLivingPlat?

  • Companies.
  • Technology centers, research centers and universities.
  • Public administrations.
  • Standards and certification development entities.
  • Associations, clusters and professional associations.



Contribute to the Strategic Research Agenda that guides the priorities of companies in the field of home automation, building automation and smart cities.


Define lines of development of new business models in the field of home automation, building automation and smart cities.


Promote singular scientific-technological projects of a strategic nature and high priority.


Foster the transfer of knowledge, and the generation of business opportunities in collaboration, between science and companies (Science to Business) and between companies themselves (Business to Business).


Be an observatory of trends and available technologies.


Improve the competitiveness of the members of the platform.


Encourage the participation of companies in R + D + i projects, especially of an international nature.


Advise, identify opportunities and help in the management of public administrations and European Union aid.


Provide members with training and information, increasing knowledge and enhancing their exchange.


Increase the well-being of the citizen.


Raise awareness to reduce the impact on the environment.


It is the main strategic governance body and is made up of all companies and entities, universities and national research centers that express their willingness to be part of the platform and that meet the conditions of involvement to participate.

Secartys will develop the activities of the Secretariat and with executive responsibility for the activities to be developed. Therefore, it will sustain the responsibility of developing the annual Action Plan and verifying its compliance.

The Secretariat will also provide administrative support to the platform and will be in charge of resolving logistical issues.

Work teams made up of those members of the platform with common interests in particular topics, with the aim of identifying innovative projects and solutions.

A national and international network of experts that cover the majority of technological areas related to home automation, building automation and smart cities; Experts from the business, academic and administrative world will be included and will be appointed by the Technical Secretariat.